Adele Welcomes Baby Boy Who Will Record With Blue Ivy


The musical magic that will come out of this little miracle is going to be outrageous, y’all. Adele gave birth to a baby boy today, and I have to say I’m officially jealous of that nugget. His whole life is going to be the best musical ever! Adele and her man, Simon Konecki, are “over the moon” according to sources.

We’re all of course wondering if wedding bells are in the future for the couple, but I’m really looking forward to this baby and Blue Ivy being best friends and recording an album together when they can sing. Can you imagine the talent this child will have? When you have a mom with the voice of an angel, you’re bound to get some of those talent genes.

I can’t wait to see pictures of this bundle of joy. And judging by Adele’s new single and 007 theme song Skyfall, you better believe the next album from her is going to sound like how it feels to find a unicorn. That’s how magical it will be.

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