Embracing the SpiritHoods Trend: Yay or Nay?

Sometimes we love things despite the fact that they’re wildly tacky. In the instance of Uggs, the extreme comfort they offer outweighs the fact that they’re ugly and everyone makes fun of them. Or in the case of “YOLO”, you start embracing something ironically when suddenly it’s a part of your everyday vernacular and you hate yourself a little bit but love it at the same time. SpiritHoods are kind of like that.
I think the SpiritHoods trend/discussion started with Ke$ha and the hate just kind of escalated from there. With the right outfit, however, I think SpiritHoods are totally badass!
They are furry and awkward, but I seriously think they are pull-off-able. I mean, Ellie Goulding wears one and she’s kind of my idol. Plus they’re unique. I don’t think a lot of people are brave enough to rock one, but I totally would. BECAUSE YOLO. I’m 21 and I’m allowed to make serious fashion faux-pas (pas…cause they have paws, get it?), but in the mean time I’m going to put on a SpiritHood and pretend to be a cat.
What are your thoughts on SpiritHoods? They’re the kind of style statement you either love or hate. Do you think, so long as you don’t have a dollar sign in your name, that they’re socially acceptable? Or are they just for kids decked in neon tripping out at concerts? Either way, check out all the people who fully rock a hood!

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