This Celeb Hates Wearing Underwear


I don’t know what it is about being a celebrity that makes some stars want to overshare every little detail of their life. Celebs love to complain about their lack of privacy but then they go and give out little tidbits ranging from things as mundane as what cereal they like to what’s their favorite fro-yo flavor. And then there’s just the bizarre facts like what underwear they do, or don’t, like to wear. Case in point, on Chelsea Lately, a star recently admit she doesn’t like to wear underwear. Who could this celeb be? Here’s some hints:

1. She’s a a judge on a talent show.

2. She’s a singer.

3. She’s known to wear some risqué outfits.

Click here to find out the answer! What do you think about celebrity TMI? Let us know!

[Lead image via blanche/Shutterstock]

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