What Are Fall’s Best Fashion Trends? [Infographic]


Being from the Midwest it’s really hard to dress for the fall. One day it’s like 80 degrees and the next it’s down to 45 and sometimes you hit both extremes in the same day. I’ve pretty much resorted to sweats and a hoodie for warmth just in case, except that’s not exactly my best look. When I run into a cute boy on campus, I want to look nice instead of just someone who put on a throw away outfit, though, you know?

The trends I’m obsessed with that combat the awkwardness of a fall wardrobe are statement necklaces – they make even the most boring outfits look chic, and menswear because it’s really easy to throw on an over-sized men’s sweater with skinny jeans and look put together. TJ MAXX and Marshalls, where you can score designer items for less, helped girls like me out from a survey they conducted and gave us a perfect little chart to remember all of the fall fashions. The survey revealed that women getting their inspiration for fall from Jennifer Aniston, my idol, and therefore so am I.

[Lead image via Fonfred/Shutterstock]

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