Tuffy Luv Helps You Dress For the Body You Have

Dear Tuffy Luv,
I love my body and everything, there’s just one problem. I’m flat as can be. I am the smallest size of A, a 32A. Everyone says it’s because I’m skinny, which is true. I only weigh 90 pounds. Yes, it’s nice to be skinny, but whenever my best friend and I are shopping, I can’t help but be jealous, because shirts always fit her nicer because she’s a size 34C AND she’s as skinny as I am. Most of my shirts are very loose around the chest and they make me feel very baggy. Whenever I’m at school, I wear a jacket because I’m embarrassed by my chest.
My friends will tease me about me being flat-chested. I know they don’t mean any harm, but it still makes me very sad and self-conscious. I keep hoping that one day I’ll wake up with breasts like my best friend’s, but it never happens. My mom tells me they’ll come with time, but I’m really running out of patience. I just wish that I had a chest and maybe boys would look at me the same way they look at my best friend.
Another thing about me being skinny is that I have no chest OR hips. I have no curves whatsoever, and I always compare myself to my friends. They all have hips and breasts, and me… I’m just a stick. The normal question would be, “Tuffy Luv, how do I emphasize what I do have?”, but I don’t have ANYTHING. So my question is, how do I gain a chest and hips without getting a belly? And if there’s just no way, how do I dress without looking like a toothpick?
Twigly the Stick
Dear Twigly the Stick,
Werk it, girl!!!
This question made me so sad because I get a billion questions from different girls who don’t like their bodies for any number of reasons. And it just bums Aunt Tuffy out.
Because, girl, your body is the only body you got, and you got to love it!!!
Look, lil’ ol’ Tuffy is on the curvy side. We curvy girls often fawn over you waif types. And yes, you’re right, traditionally, men dig curves. But for every man who’s attracted to curves, there’s a man who’s attracted to a lean body. The guys who are going to be attracted to you will be attracted to you BECAUSE of how you look, not in spite of it.
Here’s my advice to you. Find clothes you absolutely love and wear the floop out of them. And wear them how only you can wear them: looking great on your beautiful body.
You’re actually lucky when it comes to dressing as clothes often fit best on a straight frame. Get you some cool fitted stuff and rock that body. If you insist on making yourself appear curvier, you could try a peplum top or skirt. Ruffles at the chest add the illusion of curves. You can totally wear awesome big jewelery. And high necklines are good for you too (and lucky you, they’re in right now!). You can totally rock so many cuteash looks! Enjoy your unique body! Here are some cute outfit ideas for ladies with smaller chests, if you want to see examples.

And for crap’s sake, start loving yourself!!! You gotta gotta GOTTA love yourself before you can expect anyone else to. So love yourself and shiiiiiiiiiine!!! Or whatever.
Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv
Question?! Answer: Ask Tuffy Luv. tuffyluvcc [at] gmail [dot] com
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