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Why Halloween Is The Best Night Of The Year: A Dude’s Opinion


If you wear a costume any old day, you’re a weirdo. I mean, secretly we’d all like to show up to work at 9am dressed up as Batman but we’d be…well, probably not working there by 9:10am.

For one night of the year, it’s no holds barred fantasy. We can be ANYBODY. We can become ANYONE. And it’s not just you doing it, it’s the entire community. You’re not a weirdo, you’re part of the crowd — accepted, embraced, and your individuality is celebrated.

Now, yeah, my guess is that you were expecting me to say “because women can dress as sexy as they want” and you know what? That’s a perk, sure, but we the most appealing perk is that we get to clothe ourselves in whatever garb makes us feel like our most confident selves. There’s nothing more freeing than simultaneously escaping from the mundane and indulging in our idealistic self-images. We can not be who we are 364 days out of the year and be a form of ourselves we’ve always wanted to aspire to become but haven’t for one reason or another. It’s about wish fulfillment. We’re free to live the dream and show people who we want to feel like for those other 364 days. And that’s a gift we want to cherish.

Everyone thinks of Leap Day as the time when you should take a risk and do something out of character. Truthfully, we don’t have to wait for every 4 years, we need only wait until October 31st. On that day you can take risks, do something completely out of character, and yet feel like you’re not necessarily AT RISK. Of course some people do things more extreme than others and I’m advocating the more mild risks based on your own personal scale and not crimes of mass against humanity or federal felonies. Halloween is the night the world is most encouraging you to overcome your fear and most forgiving of failure. That, at the core of our subconscious, is what makes Halloween the best night of the year.

And yeah, it’s a lot of eye candy, for both sexes of any sexual orientation. Period! How many frat boys are going to use Halloween as an excuse to go around shirtless and show off their abs? Plenty of lacrosse and basketball teams throughout this country (of course some frat jocks might look for an excuse to do that any night, because if you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em) are going to be on Team Jacob on the last night of this month.

This Halloween we get to be someone we wish we were more like. We get to expose a part of our fantasy life that we felt has been limited. The night is one of opportunity to express our fantasies, wishes, and hopes for ourselves, and our imaginations, without fear of the kind of judgment imposed by daily civilized society. So on October 31st celebrate, dress up, and feel free to be somebody else, because you’re getting to be a version of who you want to be and that’s someone you must never lose touch with.

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