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Drinkify Finds the Perfect Drink for What You’re Listening To [Web Spy]


If there’s anything I love more than my iTunes library, it’s a good strong cocktail. So imagine my happiness when I discovered Drinkify, a site that brings these two loves together.

Drinkify tells you exactly what you should be drinking while listening to a specific music artist. Just type in any musical artist or band, and Drinkify will tell you the perfect beverage to accompany your music choices.

Since Drinkify uses an algorithm that pulls info from a music database and, you can literally type in anything and still get a drink suggestion, from Billie Holiday (suggested drink: a bottle of Merlot) to Justin Bieber (suggested drink: 8 ounces of Red Bull).

While the results aren’t always accurate or something you’d necessarily want to drink, Drinkify is still pretty funny and will keep you amused for a while as you try out different artists to see what it recommends. The site is great for parties or just for discovering new drink ideas!

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