6 TV Shows I’m Embarrassed to Admit I Watch (And Love)

So, I was one of the lucky ones to have a TV in my room Freshmen year of college.  One morning, I woke up, turned it on and found an adorable TV show that really just pumped me up!  My mood was immediately lightened! What show was it?  Well… it was none other than Dora the Explorer.  And my roommate chose just that moment — as I’m humming along the theme song — to waltz into the room.  Talk about awkward.  She didn’t really find the same enjoyment, to say the least; she kind of thought a little something strange was going on… and in a way, I don’t really blame her.

This got us thinking, what are some other shows that we sometimes, kinda, maybe, sorta catch ourselves watching that we may be (should be) a bit hesitant to admit to the world, or even to our friends?  Unfortunately for my reputation, this will definitely not help me come back from the whole Dora Fiasco, I can think of a few…

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