7 Things I Notice About Guys Within the First 5 Minutes

Back in January, we ran a post written by CC’s resident dude. He divulged the things guys notice about us women within the first 5 minutes of meeting. It was an interesting post, full of some expected answers and a few surprises. I figured it was about time we turned the tables and get the female perspective…

There are so many great things about guys. I could not list the reasons I am hopelessly boy-crazy. But there are just a couple details that stand out when I first meet someone. Although I like to think I’m not totally superficial, it’s true that we all make judgments off of first impressions. Here’s the list of what I usually notice about guys at first glance.

What is the first thing you notice about guys? Are any of them on this list?

[Lead image via Andresr/Shutterstock]

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