I Think Women are Sexier Than Men, But I’m Not a Lesbian

Women are sexy, and I don’t think you have to be a straight guy or a lesbian to realize that. There are several more “Hottest/Sexiest/Most Beautiful Women” lists in magazines and on the internet than lists about the most attractive men.

Women’s bodies are just more aesthetically pleasing. When I look at a hot woman, I immediately think, “OMG that woman is SO gorgeous.” For me to think a man is gorgeous, I have to take other things into account. Yes, Ryan Gosling has a hot face/body, but would we all love him as much as we do if he didn’t break up fights or save women from getting hit by cars? I don’t think so. It’s the white knight quality that makes him irresistible, but it’s the hair, boobs and curves that make someone like Sofia Vergara sexy.

When I mention any of this to my boyfriend, I think he thinks I’m a secret lesbian. He probably thinks it’s weird, because he doesn’t talk about hot guys like I talk about hot girls (he doesn’t talk about hot guys at all). I’m not a lesbian, I just think girls are way more comfortable with their sexuality than most guys. I don’t have a problem saying Scarlett Johansson has sexy curves, but some guys have a problem if they feel like they even shake hands with another guy for too long.

When I look at a naked woman (like these photos of Kim Kardashian, not porn women), I say to myself “Wow she has amazing boobs and a great ass!” Don’t all women do that? Am I the only one who is interested in looking at other women’s boobs just to see how they compare to mine. Are mine normal? Are Kim’s normal? And also, naked women are just more easy on the eyes than naked men. I think Katy Perry is so hot, and I think she would look amazing naked. I bet her boobs are perfect. However, when it comes to men, I would rather see a shirtless man, not a naked one. I think abs are sexy, but I’ve never looked at a man and thought, “Wow I’d love to see that guy’s penis!” (Balls just aren’t sexy). There’s a reason women’s shirts show chest cleavage, but men’s shorts/jeans don’t show any penis cleavage (whatever that would be).

What do you guys think? Do you think women are sexier than men even though you’re straight? 

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