11 Women Guys Want You To Dress Up As This Halloween [Dude's List]

It’s that time again! Everyone, for one night of the year, gets to indulge openly in some fantasy, a little wish fulfillment, and a smidge of bacchanal delight. Okay, for some that’s just another Sunday brunch but for masses it’s Halloween. Every Halloween revolves around one question: “Who/what am I going to be?” Well, there are sensible choices, clever choices, outrageous choices, and topical ones mixed in. But in this, our one thousand and twelfth year of our Misgardian history, here are 11 costumes your guy to be would love to see you dress up as…

There you have it, Ladies. These are the women he’d love to see you dressed up as. Granted this article’s tipped towards the idea of HIS wish fulfillment. My question now is, who would you love to see him all decked out as?
Tricking and treating,
The Headless Dude
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