Hurricane Sandy and Your First Time… Voting [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

Since my classes are cancelled today (whee!) because of Hurricane Sandy, it’s easy to make hurricane jokes and brag about my impending movie marathon. But I want to make sure we don’t forget that Sandy is actually putting lives in serious danger. CC extends our condolences to those who have been hurt or whose homes have been damaged due to the storm. Read on for more about Sandy, and the week’s other top stories.

At Home

People all along the Eastern Seaboard prepared for Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to hit major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore and Boston. The massive storm is the result of several extreme weather patterns converging, and is expected to cause heavy rain, flooding, and even snowfall in some areas. Sandy could cause widespread power outages lasting for days. The storm killed 66 people as it made its way up through the Caribbean islands, and caused flooding in North Carolina as it made its way north.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed President Obama for a second time – he supported him in 2008 as well. Powell praised Obama’s leadership, foreign policy decisions, and plan for the economy. He said he was concerned about Mitt Romney’s shifting foreign policy stances and his tax plan.

A tsunami advisory was issued in Hawaii after an earthquake in Canada, but luckily the advisory was cancelled after the size of the waves diminished.

The World

Rumor has it that Great Britain may be thinking about leaving the European Union.

A cease-fire was called in Syria for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. However, an explosion aimed at military police rocked the city of Deir Ezzor, confirming fears that the cease-fire would not be observed.

China will launch a major leadership transition at its upcoming Communist Party convention, saying goodbye to current President Hu Jintao and promoting the current Vice President to President.


Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour de France titles have been officially vacated. Because so many top finishers have been tainted by doping accusations over the years, those seven races will have no official winner.

Four former LSU football players were arrested on drug charges.

Hot on the Web

This week, Girls star Lena Dunham made an ad for the Obama campaign about your first time – voting. The video generated lots of buzz and very mixed reactions. Some people thought it was hilarious and smart, others thought it was distasteful. Watch it for yourself – what do you think?


And a bonus video, dedicated to Hurricane Sandy.

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