My Ten Favorite Taylor Swift Songs (Judge Me, I Don't Care) [The Weekly 10]

You guys, I seriously can not get enough of Taylor Swift. I have loved her music since I heard her first album, and with the release of Red last week, it’s safe to say that I still love it. Do I love her as a person? I don’t know. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I don’t really get her whole persona of being the sweet girl all.the.time. Nobody is that nice. I also don’t get how she thinks someone like John Mayer, a guy who had a playboy reputation even BEFORE he dated her, would be her Prince Charming.
But, in spite of all that, I can’t get enough of her songs. I can relate to a lot of them because I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, and I’ve known A LOT a douchebags. So, to celebrate Taylor’s new album, and the fact that it’s projected to have sold over one million copies in it’s first week, here are my ten favorite T-Swift songs (in no particular order).

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