theBalm "Balm Jovi" Palette [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:
theBalm “Balm Jovi” Palette
Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Palettes, especially ones that combine products, are always fun to use! theBalm has produced some of my favorite palettes thus far (anyone remember last year’s Muppet palette?), so I was super excited to see their newest venture, the Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette.
This palette features a combination of 12 eye shadows, one highlighter, one blush and 2 lip colors, for a myriad of looks. I like to refer to the shades in this palette as “neutral with some fun”! What I mean by that is there are plenty of more neutral shades in creams, browns and golds, but there are also some really bold colorful shades to give you variety. The highlighter is your standard shimmery gold, while the blush is described by theBalm as “matte peach”. The lip colors also run the spectrum, with a baby pink (Milly) and punchy red (Vanilly).

How To Use It:
Because of the variety of shades, you can really create endless looks with this palette, but here’s the general formula I followed for the look below. Start with a neutral or light shadow on your lid (Third Eye Blinded), add a darker shade to the crease (REM) and finish with the darkest shade of the trio in the corner (Alice Copper). I also lined my bottom lash line with Alice Copper.

(wearing eye shadows, both cheek products and Milly lip color)

(Third Eye Blinded, REM and Alice Copper)

CC Rating: A-

theBalm Jovi Rockstar Palette features a great selection of theBalm’s awesome products and contains almost everything to create a full look (save foundation and mascara). Standout products were shadows in Metal-ica, Iron Maid-in and Lead Zeppelin and the blush and luminizer. These were all super soft and very easy to apply!
For the most part, the products were up to snuff, however I did have a few issues. The matte shadows were a bit chalky and Adagio didn’t even show up on my skin. I also had issues using my brush in the blush pan – it’s too little! And the two Lip/Cheek cremes weren’t my favorite; they are a lot drier in this palette than the Muppets, which featured 2 of them. Another big issue I had was the size of the palette. It’s about 2/3 the size of the Muppets palette and all of the individual products are smaller. For example, the 12 eyeshadows in the Balm Jovi palette are only 0.38oz each, totaling 10.8g of eyeshadow, compared to 1.0oz each in the Muppets palette for a total of 28.8g (yes, that it almost triple). The Muppets palette was $44.50, but the Balm Jovi palette is still $39.50. That being said, it is a great deal and you will likely never hit pan on anything in either palette, just don’t be surprised by the decreased size!
The Balm Jovi palette would be great for someone looking to get into the brand or in need of an all-in-one palette. You can create endless eye looks with the mix of neutral and bold shades, and I can see the blush and luminizer working on a variety of skintones. theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette is available at their website for $39.50.
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