Trim and Tone Your Inner Thighs! [CC's ShapeU]

Now that Halloweekend has come and gone, a girl is left with a dilemma: what now? The month of October, filled with pumpkin spice lattes and excitement for one of the most highly-anticipated holidays of the year, and culminating with a weekend of parties, pictures and poorly-advised decisions, requires a certain amount of time and effort that only a college girl could fully understand.  With nearly a month of hot glue-gunning, last minute shopping and costume preparation, October leaves us feeling slightly stressed. And the best way to deal with this stress is to end the month with an awesome addition to your fitness routine: a workout for your inner thighs!
Okay, so maybe ‘Stressful October = Inner Thigh Workout’ wasn’t exactly the logical answer you had in mind…but here’s my angle. With all the time spent on preparing for this weekend, chances are we eased-up on going to the gym or working out with our roommates. And even if you were faithful to your inner-fitness-conscience (…is it just me, or does she sound a lot like Jillian Michaels?), why not start off a new month with a new, kick-ass routine to spice it up a little bit! Wouldn’t you love to look and feel great when you go home for Thanksgiving dinner and have people complimenting you on how your fit frame…I think yes! And why not start out with the difficult-to-target inner thighs?
Rather than reinventing the wheel, here’s a great video featuring a step-by-step, 10 minute inner thigh workout from Fitness Blender that is both effective and super-easy to follow!
This video has the perfect number and variation of exercises, and is just the right amount of time to squeeze into a busy schedule. The instructions are also extremely helpful, so don’t just tune them out, make sure to pay attention to what the speaker is saying! All these moves are great for developing leaner muscles and toning-up the inner thighs, and what’s even better is you’ll actually feel them working!
So if you’re looking to add to your fitness regimen, try out this awesome inner thigh workout! It’s quick and easy, and definitely deserves a place in your workout routine! Plus, it will give you the results you’re looking for, and we love that!
Wishing everyone on the east coast affected by Hurricane Sandy a safe and speedy recovery! 

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