Alexa Chung is Turtleneck Terrific [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]


Alexa Chung is essentially a professional fashionista. She’s a model, a contributor to British Vogue, and an occasional TV show host. Basically her entire life revolves around looking as pretty and stylish as possible and she consistently succeeds. She oscillates between rocking all the latest weird trends and putting together perfectly chic, elegant and timeless looks that actually look like outfits non-celebrities could get away with.

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I have not worn a turtleneck since middle school, but this outfit makes me want to go out and buy a handful. It looks super comfortable, flattering, and cold-weather functional. I love the combination of dark red and brown, and this brown leather skirt is sassy and sophisticated. In an interesting twist, Alexa went with black flats, which somehow works.

Black and brown is usually frowned upon, but I think it’s totally acceptable as long as the brown is on the lighter side, so it doesn’t look like you got dressed in really poor lighting. Anyway, these studded flats are totally adorable. A red bag with a whimsical flair ties everything together. This is an ensemble that you could easily transition from day-to-night or vice versa, depending on your accessories.

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