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Allyson Pereira Battles Cyber Bullying on “My Life is a Lifetime Movie”


Recently, Lifetime began to air a show entitled, My Life is a Lifetime Movie. The show allows real women to share their personal stories in one episode of the show. In an upcoming episode, Allyson Pereira, a young woman from New Jersey, shares her story about the cyber bullying she faced in high school.

Allyson’s story starts off, like many Lifetime movies I have seen before: with a naked picture sent out to the entire school by her ex-boyfriend. The picture spread like wildfire and eventually reached her teachers, bosses and even her parents. Following the pictures came a slew of verbal assaults via the Internet. Allyson was called countless names, received threats and eventually someone vandalized her home. But unlike a Lifetime movie, her ordeal wasn’t solved in an hour and half. Rather her torture was extended over a three year period.

Eventually, Allyson had enough. She began to speak out against cyber bullying and became a spokesperson for the cause. She’s been featured on TV shows such as The View, Good Morning America and Dr. Drew. Now, Allyson give speeches to teens across the country and she’s working to get legislation and state laws passed to help fight the crime of cyber bullying. Her story is an inspiration that we found especially important in this age of Internet dominance over everyday life.

It’s easy to think that comments sent out virtually have no effect on others, since it’s not a face-t0-face interaction. But there have been an increasing number of news stories and reports on teens taking their lives as a result of cyber bullying. This a problem new to our generation and it can be hard to navigate this unfamiliar territory. That’s why it’s important that we look to the example of courageous people like Allyson, who have been affected by cyber bullying, but turned their stories into acts of courage and positive change.

A lot of celebrities have also attached their names to fighting all forms of bullying.  I put together this gallery in hopes that it will inspire others to get involved and think about what they say to others via text or Internet.

[Lead image via auremar/Shutterstock]

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