Comfy But Stylish Outfits: 3 Alternatives to UGGs, Leggings and a North Face

In the colder months, all I want to do is roll out of bed, take my blankets with me and sit in class with a cup of hot chocolate. The closest thing to my pjs would probably be leggings, a hoody and some Ugg boots, as they definitely offer the most comfort, but I love fashion, and I’m a firm believer that you can have comfort and style at the same time. Just swap out the classic North Face and sweatpants combo for more classic, fitted pieces and add some┬ácolor, and you’re set.
I’ve put together three outfits that tick both the comfy and stylish boxes, check them out below and leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to wear on lazy class days!

[image via coffee and cardigans]

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