Shop Urban Outfitters for $12.99 or Less! [Budget Stylista]

You know what I love more than Urban Outfitters? The answer won’t surprise you:
Although the store itself has racks on racks on racks of sale clothing, the marked discounts aren’t always too generous… $10 off a sweater is great, but when the starting price is $60, you’re still paying a heck of a lot (at least in terms of the average college student’s budget).
So I’ll let you in on a secret: If you find something you love while shopping at an Urban Outfitters DON’T BUY IT. Instead, step away from the item (I know it’s hard!) and go home and search the store’s website. Chances are, you will find the item for much less, especially if the item is going out of season soon.
Case in point: The beautiful lace dress I coveted for a month was stuck at a firm $69, which is obviously way over my budget. I checked in periodically every other week to see if any discount had been applied, but to my disappointment, there was never an orange sticker placed on the tag… Darn. So imagine my surprise when I was surfing the web and found that exact same dress for $29! Score!
Now that I’ve let you in on my little shopping secret, I recommend that you go to right now- before they sell out of all the cute, yet affordable accessories I’ve featured above. All are priced at $12.99 or less, which is an incredible bargain!
Which accessory do you want to buy most? The cute heart sunglasses? The chic leopard clutch? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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