Make a Quilt Using Old T-Shirts [DIY With CC]

You’re in college, which meansĀ  of course you have an over-abundance of T-shirts. Whether it’s the billion or so from high school track team or the random shirts everyone makes for every single college event (seriously, I don’t need another dorm shirt!), there’s no way you’ll need to have all those sitting in your drawers taking up space when you’re not even going to be wearing them. This craft is the perfect way to put those extra shirts to use, and make a unique quilt that can hold some cool memories. This is a little advanced and involved sewing, but considering myself as a novice sewer, I found this project very do-able!
What you need:
– A bunch of cotton T-shirts (depending on how big you want the quilt to be); keep fabric scraps
– Large solid sheet of fabric to use as backing for the quilt
– Iron, sewing machine, thread
– Scissors, ruler & cutting board
– Heavyweight batting
The basics of what to do (see full instruction here):
1. Decide on a quilting pattern and begin cutting your T-shirt panels, ensuring the designs on the shirt will be visible.
2. Add borders by sewing on fabric strips.
3. Arrange squares in pattern you chose.
4. Sew squares together in columns.
5. Sew fabric backing onto the pattern to create the quilt.
Credit for this project goes to Lily at! View the project here!
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