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Channing Tatum, People’s Sexiest Man Alive?


Word on the street is Channing Tatum – or if you’re a rude girl like me Churning Tay’rum – is People’s Sexiest Man AliveDun Dun Dun. People is set to reveal the news November 14. Of course we know the idea of naming anyone the anything-est of the world is a totally loaded idea because there are way too many people on this planet. I am sure in the crevices of some obscure South American nation, like Bolivia or someplace, there is a dude more boneable than Churning, for example. Nevertheless, I totes understand their selection.

Churning has made his way into the cultural zeitgeist by being every single effing place, ever, at the same time. Baby boy has starred in buddy cop movies, romance flicks, action movies and the legendary piece de resistanceMagic Mike. He is a Hollywood powerhouse with abs to boot. So we got to give him props for his mad hustle, stripper past, and way underused ability to dance. He also seems to be generally not-a-douche. Good for you, buddy! Channing Tatum is a damn good choice for Sexiest Man Alive, hell I didn’t believe it before, but I just convinced myself. What do you think? Yay or nay?
[Images Via. Helga Esteb / ShutterStock]

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