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Getting To Know The 4 Newest Female Senators


Yesterday marked another achievement in history: the 113th Congress will welcome four new female Senators into the fold. There will now be at least 19 women serving in the Senate, making this the largest group of women that has ever served. The previous Congress included 17 women members. The numbers are growing slowly but surely. We’ve come a long way since the days of Hattie Caraway of Arkansas, who became the first female to serve in the Senate in 1931. Caraway was appointed to the position after her husband, Thaddeus Caraway, died and she took his position. Many did not believe that she would serve a full term but she ran for re-election in 1938 despite opposition. She won and served in the Senate until 1945.

We still have lessons to learn from trailblazing women like Hattie Caraway. I’m sure that she never imagined that 19 women would ever make up our Senate at any given time. We wanted to raise our hats and congratulate four of the newest Senator-elects to Congress. We’re looking to you ladies, to help guide this country in the right direction.

[Lead image via Cristina CIOCHINA/Shutterstock]

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