How One CC Intern Became a Radio Star in Nebraska [Audio]

Loyal readers of the site surely know our wonderful intern Molly Mahannah. She’s penned such CollegeCandy classics as 11 Style Tips From My Middle School Self, The Most Amazing “How-To” Video You Will Ever Watch and 9 Places to Discover on Campus. Yesterday, however, Molly sent me a gchat to let me know that she was officially a celebrity within the state of Nebraska. Yes, yes…pick your jaws up off the floor, everyone, and let me explain.

Apparently DJs Todd and Tyler of Z92, Omaha’s top classic rock radio station, are fans of CollegeCandy because the two morning show hosts talked about her recent hit, 10 Most Annoying Things Guys Do In Bed, this past Tuesday.

The duo started discussing the post, along with such matters as farting in bed and the flexibility of women’s legs, when Molly’s phone started exploding with calls from friends. (PS: Listen to the radio show episode here. Fast forward to 15:30 to hear the CC shoutout.) Being the daring, wonderful YOLO-faced blogger that she is, Molly decided to call into the show herself to throw her opinion into the mix.

It’s completely hysterical and it took all I had not to pee my pants when we played this clip aloud in the office. Because naturally we forced everyone at CC headquarters to stop what they were doing and listen in as Molly talked about sex on the radio and prayed her dad wasn’t listening. Here’s the clip of her call-in, fast forward to 6:14 for the good stuff.

Moral of the story here: Intern or write for CollegeCandy and we can make you, too, and celebrity bigger than Kim Kardashian and Amanda Bynes combined.

[Lead image via chaoss/Shutterstock]

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