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Fapping With Friends [WTF Friday]


Would you get naked with a bunch of your friends, compliment each other’s vulvas, talk about your childhood trauma and then proceed to masturbate on a towel in front of them?

Before you answer, let’s discuss legendary sex educator Betty Dodson’s Female Masturbation Class. Oh, quit blushing, you click your mouse just as much as anybody else. Betty is an 83-year-0ld masturbation aficionado, “Orgasms have been very important to my life. I’ve always really depended on them. In a bad mood? Jerk off. Confused? Masturbate. Working on a painting and I’m stuck? Go lay down on the couch and have an orgasm,” she told NY Mag writer Rose Surnow, who attended one of her workshops.

Rose described the class as being initially awkward but ultimately empowering. She says, “The first exercise of the day was to go around the room and talk about how we felt about our bodies and our orgasms. Every woman had a unique body and set of issues, but there were definitely some common themes. No matter how beautiful each girl was, there was some type of trauma around puberty or adolescence. . . . The next thing we did was called ‘Genital Show and Tell’, which was like kindergarten, but with way more vulva. Each woman took turns sitting next to Betty, legs spread with a mirror and light pointed at their ya-ya.”

Then each woman masturbated using two different techniques called the “Rock N Roll” and the “Tension Release.” The former was basically doing a bunch of Kegels, while the latter just one epic Kegel – while masturbating.

This class sounds really strange, but sexuality is kind of strange because it is so taboo in our society, especially for women. Women are often “Scarlet Lettered,” not just by men, but by other women as soon as they express a command or openness of their sexuality. I mean, how many times have you faked an orgasm? How many guys have you been with that thought sex was over because he finished, not because you had both been satisfied? Did you know the female orgasm was, at first, a medical issue? Women had to go to doctors because they  were “hysterical” and doctors would use complicated water hoses or vibrating tools to climax women in order to relieve their anxiety. It wasn’t their husbands getting them off! Women have long been denied sexual pleasure in a safe, slut-shaming free, healthy way. The fact that your G-spot is a “myth” should have you worrisome about how society views your pleasure zone.

If a bunch of women want to learn and nurture their sexuality together, I say, why not? It’s been thousands of years of chastity belts for us gals, why not get off together? It may be a little awkward and even a little messy. But sex is supposed to be.
[Image Via. prodakszyn / ShutterStock]

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.