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Women Are Sluts and Men Are Suffering? [Friday Faves]


While us girls may not have the upper hand in dating right now, once college ends and the real world begins, guys are the real victims of the hookup culture.

And according to Charlotte Allen, it’s because all women are sluts.

In her recent essay The New Dating Game, Allen tries to communicate the message that because women now have the power to choose who they date (and sleep with), males, particularly beta-males, are being pushed to the back burner.  In the “New Paleolithic Age,” alpha males are “dragging women by the hair into their caves — and the women love every minute of it.” According to Allen, all women spend the better part of their twenties dressing like hookers and going out to clubs to try and take home the most desirable dudes. That is until they get dried-up (at the ripe old age of 28) and are forced to settle for a less-than-stellar guy so they can get married and pop out a few babies.

Yeah, a woman actually wrote all that.
And now let me react.

Though it’s hard to find in that pile of horse poo and dribble, Allen makes one valid point: hot, confident men are pulling more booty than “beta” males – their less attractive, more awkward counterparts. (Uh, DUH!?) But besides that, there’s so much wrong with this article, I don’t know where to begin.

First and most obviously, she discusses the sexual liberation of women as a bad thing. No. Just no. Second of all, she criticizes “late marriage, easy divorce, and the well-paying jobs that the feminist revolution has wrought for women.” So it’s a bad thing that women have college degrees and careers now, and thus marry later? That women finally have choices and aren’t stuck in relationships because they can’t take care of themselves? That couples are divorcing because they are unhappy?

That there are well-paying jobs…FOR A WOMAN!?


Maybe this lady should take a time machine back to when arranged marriages were the norm, because as far as I’m concerned, this essay is BS. (Although, maybe for her, an arranged marriage was the only way she could nab a man….) Women can and should enjoy sex, and be able to choose when, with whom, and how many times they want it.  If the so-called “beta” males are suffering at the expense of their better looking peers, maybe it’s time they step their game up a bit. It’s not our fault they have zero personality or a bad sense of style and we shouldn’t have to cater to them just because they are there and they are available.

Even if we are “dried up” and past our prime…in our late twenties.

Listen, Charlotte Allen – I’m excited to be a young woman during the first point in history where women actually have equal, if not more, power in the dating world. Although you criticize it, I’m happy that yesterday’s “loose” women are today’s “liberated” women. And, call me crazy, but I couldn’t imagine a society where I couldn’t go out there and get myself a job after college.  Women now have CHOICES – the same choices men have been given for years – and, like men, we’re going for the best.

Your “beta males” have been coasting through life at the expense of women, so maybe it’s time they stop crying and start trying. And maybe it’s time you enjoyed a little sexual liberation; I have a feeling you could use it.

This Friday Fave was originally written by Jessica – Delaware.

[Lead image via Guryanov Andrey Vladimirovich/Shutterstock]