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5 Handbag Essentials to Combat Winter Beauty Woes


I don’t know if you’re all aware but it snowed in NYC last night. Just, like, a little bit, but I was watching from Nebraska and got all sorts of jealous because I’m crazy. Most people are not thrilled about snow, winter and all around freezing their tits off. It’s officially time to retire the flip flops and don those UGG boots. Along with transitioning our wardrobes, we’ve got to transition our bodies. For me, it’s stocking up on lotion because my elbows get nasty dry in the winter as well as plenty of lip balm.

I’ve never been smart enough to keep these in my pure but CollegeFashion is helping all us ladies out and giving us the best 5 things to keep in our handbags so we don’t go into a dry, scaly depression this winter.
[Lead image via Svetlana Danilova/Shutterstock]