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Stud Out Your Jacket [CC Craft]


Spikes and studs are a super hot trend now. (I am wearing a gold spiked shirt as we speak.) I love to mix soft and hard looks in fashion, but tend to be a little bit edgier so I absolutely love this trend. Studded jackets are completely overpriced for what they actually are – just because they’ve become a hot trend. Gutter punks and edgy kids have been spiking their leathers and denims out for decades. So instead of spending 100 bucks on a cool jacket, hop down to your local thrift store and buy a leather or denim jacket for $4.99, order some studs online and make your own.

What You’ll Need:

  • Studs. You can get a bag of 1,000 (way more than you’ll need) for only¬†$24.99 at Spikes and Studs.
  • A jacket
  • A stud prong press or a Sharpie marker. (Basically something to press the stud prongs down.)

How To Stud Your Jacket 

First, choose the area you want studded. Place studs on the jacket. All you have to do is press them in. Flip the jacket to the other side and bend the stud prongs so that they are flat.

Thanks to for the images and amazing idea.
[Lead Image Via. Urban Outfitters]

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