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How to Survive Life at A Party School…If You’re Not a Partier


While we’re all in college primarily to get an education, at times it can seem like everyone’s just in it for the partying. After my university was featured in several “Top Party School” surveys, I’m not going to deny that the party atmosphere is a huge impact on my college experience. However, by no means should getting drunk be the only option for fun out there.

There are plenty of reasons a college student might be turned off by partying. Some people don’t want to risk getting in trouble by drinking underage, and others have religious objections to alcohol. And some, believe it or not, just don’t like it! At this point for me, I am starting to get tired of being surrounded by over-served frat boys and hearing stories about the best ragers.

There’s so much more available to college students besides parties! If you don’t want to party, and feel like there’s nothing out there for you to do instead, here are a few options that will still show you a great time.

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