How To Prepare For Going Home For Thanksgiving [The Weekly 10]

All right college ladies, next week you’re all going to get about a week off to go home to your families and eat a bunch of turkey/yams/pies. You’re lucky that you get a super long break because after college you’ll probably just get Thanksgiving off. So enjoy your vacay, but also going home for Thanksgiving isn’t a paradise. When I think of taking a break and getting away, I don’t think that going home and fighting with my family and running into people from high school for three days is a dream trip. I’d rather go to Bora Bora any day.

Going home is probably going to be stressful. All semester you’ve probably been counting down to Thanksgiving break, but now that it’s here, you’re going to find that it’s not as relaxing as you thought. But, there are ways to make your trip easier and more fun. Here’s how to prepare…

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