The Truth About Magnum Condoms & 4 Ego-Boosting Lies We Tell Men

The male ego. It’s fragile and malleable just as the average “man” does not want to be. It often requires validation and a bit of fluffing for it to reach its full emotional potential. One of the greatest ego-strokers?┬áMagnum XLs.

Those Magnum XLs for the supposedly “extra big” guy are not actually XL. They are no different than regular Magnums. The actual difference between a regular condom and a Magnum is only .32 inches in length. That’s not an inch… or even a half an inch. They’re also only about half an inch wider, which is reasonable, but still. Pretty much any regular sized guy could fit into a Magnum if he fits into a regular condom. Their purpose is just to boost the male ego, to make him feel as though he could easily achieve PornHub excellence.

Think of this as the penis placebo effect. Men buy things that are marketed towards their sense of masculinity and its aggressive need for validation. According to Psychology Today, this tactic makes brands millions.

These things also provide fodder for millions of group messages everywhere. We’ve all been guilty of telling little white lies to our male partner in the bedroom and if you aren’t willing to own up to it, I’m sure one or two of your friends could recall a LOL-worthy incident of a phallic fib.

That all being said, it is not in anyone’s best interest to lie about some sexual occurrences or ideas. If your man wants to do something that makes you uncomfortable or that you don’t want to consent to, then do not bypass your own comfort or boundaries in order to please him. His ego is something that can take an occasional stroke or compliment, but it should never be at the cost of your health or safety and should not perpetuate anything that isn’t fulfilling for the both of you.

These are 4 common (and harmless) ego boosting tactics.


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