What to Wear on Thanksgiving Eve [CC Lookbook]

You’ve been home for the holidays for less than a day and you’ve already baked a pie, texted your ex, argued with your mother and battled your brother for control of the remote. And lost. You’re ready to pull your hair out of your head and are wondering how you’re going to make it through the weekend, when suddenly you remember your escape plan.
Thanksgiving Eve.
Your high school friends had texted you with plans to meet up at the local bar to catch up on gossip, rehash your favorite stories and make fun of all of your ex-boyfriends. And you weren’t quite sure if you were going to go, but now you’re just ready to get out of the house. So yes, you decide, you are going. But now the more important question pops us: what are you going to wear? You’ll want to look your best when you see basically your entire graduating class for the first time in month, and never fear, with a little help from me, you will.
Play It Cool
The thing about this particular event is that you want to look cool, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying really hard to look cool. So don’t over do it. Stick to basics with a few trendy touches. And if you want to wear pumps or heels play it down with a t-shirt or some basic denim. You want to look like you’re casually hanging out with friends at the local bar (which you are), not glamming it up for the academy awards.
On Trend
Just because you’re going to dress casually that doesn’t mean that you can’t also dress fashionably. Try a pair of colored skinnies in a fall hue, ankle booties or an on-trend leather mini that you can dress down. They’ll add some style savvy to your outfit without making you feel like you’re overdressed.
Basic Black
Years and years ago, before I started doing my own shopping my mom gave me some great style advice. You can never go wrong with black, she said, and to this day that statement holds true. Black is always my go-to for a night out. Black denim. Black boots. A plain black t-shirt. Some black leather accessories. These pieces will hold your outfit together no matter what else you’re wearing.
What do you think? 
Are you planning on going out on Thanksgiving Eve this year? What vibe will you be rocking? Leave a comment and let me know! And to find out exactly which items make these outfits work so well check out my Polyvore account! 

Jenn is a communications grad student and a social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. At least that’s what her Twitter bio says. Follow her @jenninzetta.

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