Flaunt A Sexy, Sculpted Back [CC's ShapeU]

In a world full of tight butts and trimmed tummies, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the all-important ab and glute workouts. Let’s face it, when cardio isn’t the focus, everyone is concerned with having a killer mid-section and a fantastic behind (rightfully so) – but what about the other stuff? Yes, we like to get in some toning for our arms and legs too, but we can do so much more for our bodies than just a simple bicep curl and a quick squat here and there! In the spirit of focusing on areas that may be neglected in your go-to workout routine, here’s one body part you should not be leaving out: your back.

True, there’s a certain stereotypical feeling we subscribe to in thinking that only guys work for a sculpted back, with athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo or Danell Leyva coming to mind (ahem, cue drool). But really, having a lean, defined back is definitely a great addition to the already-perfect body each of you readers currently has! Plus, with the holiday festivities inching near, wouldn’t you love to step into a slinky backless number for your annual NYE party? You’ll look and feel great and it goes without saying that the quintessential girlie pose is the one when you face your back to the camera and playfully peek your head around over your shoulder… Yeah, nailed it!
For those of us willing to ditch the stereotype and trade it in for a sexy party dress, here is a great workout that will tone and define your back without making you look too bulky: The Sexy Back Workout!
So move over Justin Timberlake because WE are bringing sexy back…in every sense of the phrase. For a little motivation check out this article about celebrities wearing backless dresses and you’ll see why having a sexy back is SO not just for guys.

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Run [CC's ShapeU]
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