Is Music Better than Sex? [Sex in the News]

There always seems to be a new study saying that there is something that people enjoy more than sex. We’ve heard that people would rather give up sex than their smartphones and that the desire to check social media is stronger than a desire to have sex. So naturally, a music psychologist wanted to determine what songs people enjoy more than sex.

Spotify commissioned music psychologist Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen who surveyed 2,000 people and found strong connections between music and seduction with 40% of people saying listening to music was more arousing than touching during sex!  The survey also showed that one in three people could name a song they enjoyed more than sex. The song most people chose was “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.
What was also notable was that men were more likely than women to compromise their musical tastes on a date. Moreover those who listen to punk and metal were also willing to compromise their preferences. So don’t be surprised if a male metalhead tells you he also adores Taylor Swift. FYI: If you’ve gotten someone over to your place and want to set “the mood”, according to the survey, Marvin Gaye was voted number one for getting those juices flowing.
Do you think there’s a connection between music and sex? 

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