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Why Won’t My Boyfriend Kiss Me? [Dear Tuffy Luv]


Hey Tuffy Luv!

It’s the former Twigly the Stick, if you remember me. I took your advice on dressing and it really helped! Boys (other than my boyfriend) began to notice me, and my friends stopped the teasing, so I am super happy.

Now about my boyfriend as mentioned before. He’s the reason I’m asking for more advice. See, before I asked for your advice, I had a boyfriend, and I still have the same one. He asked me out two months ago, and I’ve had a crush on him for a while. I was happy as could be…for about a month and a half. Then I lost interest. Lost the spark. You know why? We’ve been together for two months and a week, and he has yet to make the move. Plant one. He won’t kiss me, no matter what.

He’s talked about it to his friends, which kept me going, but now it’s just too late. He didn’t make any advances, I lost interest. I want to break up with him because this is going nowhere, and I don’t feel like wasting my time while (after taking your advice) other (highly attractive) boys have turned an eye, but won’t ask because I’m taken. Yes, he is quite shy when it comes to these things, but two months and four dates, plus several times while we were alone? Not to mention our relationship is horribly awkward. We aren’t comfortable near each other, and it’s very awkward being alone. We can’t keep up a smooth conversation, either.

So my question is, am I being unfair, or is he being unreasonable? Should I break up with him?

Former Twigly

Dear Former Twigly,

Okay, Aunt Tuffy is a sucker for an update. So glad to hear that moi’s advice was useful. But totally nervous that it may have swelled your head.

See, I like that it’s helping your self-esteem. Seriously, you go, girl. You should feel great about yourself. You’re hot. You’re sweet. You deserve super happiness. However, your wandering eye makes me nervous. Suddenly, you’re getting attention, and it’s making you consider dumping your boyfriend for “other highly attractive guys.” Here’s where it gets tricky.

Because now you have to ask yourself honestly: Is this a grass-is-greener thing? As in, did you only get bored of him AFTER you started getting attention from other guys? In which case, you betta check yourself.

But of course you go on to say that your relationship is awkward and basically platonic (The no kissing thing? Yeah, you’re right, seriously weird) and no fun. In that case, YES, dump that guy!! Do it nicely, but do it. Because if that’s all true, then things are most DEFINITELY not working out. And you go, girl! You can do better.

I’m going to err on the side of caution here, because, like, that no-kissing shoop is so bizarre. I think maybe you’re right. There’s no chemistry there after all. Most relationships fizzle out eventually. Sounds like yours was just sooner or later.

So…yeah. Tell him you just wanna be friends. And keep feeling good about yourself. Just don’t let it cloud your judgement.

Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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