Channing Tatum: Sexiest Man, Ugliest Cover [Candy Dish]

We mentioned last week that Channing Tatum was rumored to be People’s Sexiest Man Alive – the grapevine was correct. Wee! However, we didn’t know homeboy was going to be GQ’s Movie Star Of The Year, which totally makes sense considering he is now a Hollywood heavyweight. Still, I’m a bit curious about these crappy covers. People’s is OKI guess but it’s not really sexy so much as “nice guy farmer.” The GQ cover is just awful. Channing is too Photoshopped, he has no neck – Tyra Banks would not be pleased – making him like very tiny and his expression doesn’t suit how horribly manipulated the photo is. It’s just way off base. Glad Channing is getting the credit, but these are not doing him justice.

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