You Know What Would Make This Friendship Better? Sex. [He Said/She Said]

So, a study came out recently that said that in girl/guy friendships, not only do guys experience high levels of attraction to their female friends, but they also severely overestimate how attracted their female friends are to them. They also found out that while girls were more respectful of whether or not their guy friend was in a relationship, guys just didn’t care. So what does it all mean? Basically your guy friends want to f*** you and they think you want to f*** them right back.
I remember my brother once told me that guys are NEVER ‘just friends’ with girls, there’s always a level of attraction. If a girl ever suddenly decides she’s up for having sex with her guy friend, he will be up for it. No matter what. I couldn’t get my mind around the idea, mostly because girls are the complete opposite.
Let’s get completely, 100% real here. When a girl is good friends with a guy it means that at some point she sized up whether or not she’d be interested in sleeping with him and in that moment she decided no. It could have been a subconscious decision. It could have been the second they met or a month into knowing him. But believe me, it happened. That doesn’t mean nothing will ever happen. Years of rom-coms being shoved down our throats have resulted in another inevitable moment that occurs in every really good friendship between a girl and a guy; this is the moment where it’s not just sex, it’s EVERYTHING. It’s that sudden moment when you think, ‘Wow, we have so much in common. He’s so fun to be around. He’s so good looking too… Wait, do I like him? Is he the one for me and I never noticed until now??’ Cue the freakout. Again, that decision either results in ‘LOL. No. He’s just my friend. I am in no way attracted to him,’ or weeks of awkwardness until there is an emotional confession of intense romantic feelings. But the latter is unlikely. And believe me, guys, if it was happening, it would be pretty obvious.
Just to clarify though, in the situation above I’m talking about really good friends, as in male/female besties. Men of the world, do not think that this suddenly justifies you calling your girlfriend crazy when she gets jealous over other girls, because believe me, those girls you occasionally hang out with, it’s very possible they’re interested in you. When it comes down to it, what that study proves is that guys’ sexual tension sensors are bullsh*t. Game recognizes game and when a girl sees another girl all over a guy, she knows exactly what is going on.
Wow, no wonder girl/guy friendships are such a hot button issue, they’re seriously complex. Let me sum it up. Guys, if you think your best friend is interested, she probably isn’t, she’s just being friendly. But if you want to check, just ask another girl. It’s that simple. And just because this study kind of freaked me out, a quick memo to the male friends I have: no, I am 100% not interested. At all.
Do you think all male/female friendships are filled with hidden sexual tension? Do you secretly want to get with all your guy friends? Leave a comment below and click here to see what He Said!
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