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Microwavable Cranberry Sauce Recipe


You know what’s annoying? (But totally reasonable, I am just super lazy.) When people invite you over for Thanksgiving Dinner and expect you to bring something. Ugh, what even is a stove?! Welp, thanks to laziness and a bag of cranberries you can swag your way into your host’s good graces with this – actually delicious – super, simple homemade cranberry sauce recipe. I am always amazed when people present me with cranberry sauce that isn’t shaped like the can it came out of. You’re about to blow people’s minds. Then, they’ll ask you how you did it and you’ll be like, “I used a bowl and three ingredients.” Their heads will explode and they’ll die, but you’ll be swaggin’ on infinity.

What You’ll Need: 

Fresh cranberries. About 12 ounces or 1.5 cups.

  • 1 cup sugar or artificial sweetener
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • A stove or microwave.

Step 1: Place sugar in bowl with orange juice.

Step 2: Microwave orange juice and sugar for 1 minute

Step 3: Place cranberries in bowl with orange juice and sugar.

Step 4: Heat cranberries until they start to “pop” or dissolve. I would suggest microwaving for 5 minutes then adding 1 additional minute until fully popped.

Step 5: Let cranberry sauce cool so that it thickens.

Boom. You’re done. Mind blown.
[Image Via. Viktor1 / ShutterStock]

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