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Hood-Thongs Are All The Rage [WTF Friday]


The design masterminds of Han & Brikauski created the most marvelous undergarment ever. It’s a unicorn of majestic cloth and wonder. It’s a hood thong. Like, a thong…that kind of comes up into a hood. You know, in case you get cold while wandering around in your underwear. I seriously don’t understand the significance or purpose of these. Like, I’m sitting here staring at the website just baffled. It’s hard for me to be at a loss of words, but I am. Just lost. I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. I mean, the model is pulling it off, but…I just…can’t even.

According to the designers, they’re not available yet, but are in production and coming soon! The company is taking custom orders! So hoorah for that! The website quotes the hood thong as being, “one the most progressive, functional, temperature-controlled pieces of fashion around.” Which is always really exciting. I’ve always wanted my clothing, especially my under-lady-fashions to be temperature controlled. Usually when browsing Victoria’s Secret I always ask the sales people if they can provide a thong that will also keep me warm. I feel like these would have been very helpful during like the days when cave men were a little more prominent. But who knows? Maybe I’m not progressive enough for hood thongs. What do you think? Would you ever rock a hood thong??