Spice Up Any Outfit With These Cute Etsy Leggings! [Budget Stylista]

Let’s face it: Leggings are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. And why shouldn’t they be? They’re comfy beyond belief and have an elastic waistband. Thus, it comes as no surprise that leggings are, slowly but surely, taking the place of blue jeans… And that’s all right by me.
The only problem when it comes to leggings is that everyone and their mom has the same standard black pair. Some fashionistas have gone out on a limb and bought a pair of leather leggings but, once again, they’re usually black leather. How boring!
Now is the time to experiment with your leggings and let your true fashion sense shine through. Try wearing a pair that have a cute design on the knees, like the hearts or skulls shown below. (How adorable are the heart ones by the way? They’re definitely on my Christmas wish list!)
Galaxy-inspired leg wear is also a big trend right now. The pair I’ve featured totally bring out the geek in me because they’re glow in the dark! Other patterns, like floral, are great for those of you who like to stick to a more classic look, while the white pair with hot air balloons are great for those who are a little more daring.
All of these adorable leggings are from Etsy, meaning that many of them are uniquely handmade. In other words, don’t count on your best friend having the same pair!
Check out five of the cutest leggings being sold on Etsy, and seriously consider investing in a pair… I can promise you that with any one of these leggings you’ll receive a ton of compliments!

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Be Spotted in Spots! [8 Under $20]
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