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10 Surprising Things All Girls Do When They’re Alone

Happiness and Anxiety


So a few days ago I saw this wonderful little article on The Frisky via Reddit about the surprising things that all guys do. One of my favorites was boys disclosing how they un-stick their balls from the side of their legs. It’s actually kind of disgusting and disturbing. And a wonderful reminder how unhygienic we all REALLY are. Like, I’m really gross guys. I hate to break the news to the boys, but I am a disgusting human.

Right now the leggings-as-pants I’m wearing are going on their third day of use. But I totally doused them with perfume before I put them on, so it’s not even gross, okay? Okay, so I’m going to lay it all on the line here. These are things I do more often than I’m willing to admit and don’t play with my emotions. You totes do them too.

1. Third-day pants.

I already disclosed this a teeny bit, but I am rocking these leggings for three days in a row. Look, they don’t have any weird stains, they don’t smell bad (I checked) and they are comfortable

2. Boob adjustment.

You have to, sometimes!

3. Masturbation.

It’s normal.

4. Nose picking.

Admit it.

5. Peeing in the shower.

It’s not that bad for you!