The 7 Best Kinds of Kisses

As you pass through your teenage years via the valley of lost virginities and the college years of random sex, the simple act of kissing starts getting really underrated. It makes sense, I guess. When you’re 16, the make-out sessions aren’t leading anywhere (at least for me, I started kind of late) so you can just relax and get into it. Making out is EXCITING at that age. It’s fun, it feels amazing. But, when you get a little older, kissing turns into foreplay – a means to an end. Seriously, when was the last time you just made out for hours with a guy without him expecting more?
But kissing is awesome. No matter what, there are some kind of kisses that will always maintain that magical quality. Or, if they don’t anymore, people should revive that! ‘Just’ kissing is nice. Here are 7 of the best kind of kisses ever…

What are your top types of kisses? Are you a fan of a quick peck on the lips or the always dramatic reunion in the rain kiss? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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