What I Learned From This Month's GQ [November Edition]

This month’s GQ focused heavily on the presidential election, which made for a lot of tongue-in-cheek articles focusing on political subjects which ranged from the informative to the ridiculous. Case in point, my favorite article was on style advice for TV news anchors entitled, “Your Tie Should Be Wider Than Your Penis and Other Style Advice for Pundits.” With a title that ridiculous, there is no need to read further. But men should now know that women are judging other things simply by the width of their tie, so men – be forewarned.
The other bit of election material I found particularly useful was, “What to Do When Your Candidate Loses.” The day after the election my Facebook newsfeed was blown up by angry Romney supporters, which then turned into a fight with those who voted for Obama. It was a mess to say the least, but even now I’m still seeing the occasional angry status. GQ offers this piece of advice for those upset with the election’s outcome: “Vow that your party will come back stronger than ever in the next election. Undermine the winner immediately, at every turn, in hopes that public sentiment will eventually go your way. Because it will. Have you met American voters? All we do is switch majority parties every six years or so.” Very, very true. Our political system was made for the ping-ponging of the two major political groups. So unhappy voters, don’t move to Canada or try to secede just yet.
Onto another decisive topic, GQ featured a piece on the state of male facial grooming. In the article, GQ points out that men should take just as much pride in their facial appearance as women are taught to. Yay, equality?! Facial hair plucking and waxing remains a debated issue for a lot of guys. I personally think if you have a unibrow, get rid of it. No one will judge you for plucking and you’ll look immensely better. GQ agrees with me and offers advice on how to get rid of the unseemly monobrow along with Rasta Nostril, a problem that seems to plague more older gentlemen, and Grandpa Ear, which you should always buzz, never pluck! I learned something valuable as well. Apparently, IPA beers contain crazy amounts of silicon, which will help your skin stay young and tight. Next time I’m at the bar, I know what I’m ordering.
I don’t normally do this but this picture of Jeremy Lin was just too cute not to include in this post. After reading the cover story on him, I’m definitely giving into to Linsanity in this upcoming NBA season. I mean, who wouldn’t cheer for this face? I’ll leave you with this piece of cuteness and high hopes for a jam-packed December issue.

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Super Cute DIY Earring Holder [CC Craft]
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