Be a Yes (Wo)Man [ReadyU Conquer This List]

I try really, really hard not to freak out about school. I never want to be that person who camps out in the library, who disappears during midterm season, and always looks like they spent their night staring at the computer screen. But sometimes, the stress gets the best of me and I feel like I need to lock myself in my room and ONLY STUDY. No friends, no fun, just books. Wait… what?
After I go through these phases, I always realize that it’s just not worth it. Yes, I want my diploma, but I don’t want to make myself miserable in order to get it. Who wants to look back on college and say, “Ah, I just miss those days when I spent all my time inside and never talked to anyone!” Not me. So, I decided to check another item off ReadyU’s Conquer This List. My choice? #8: Be a Yes Man (or woman, in my case). After all, time is ticking down on my second-to-last semester, and I’m trying to take advantage of absolutely everything I possibly can before I graduate!
My challenge for this item was to pick one day to say YES to everything that came my way. I figured, what better day to do this than Halloween? I was super stressed, because all my midterms fell right around Halloween this year. I was tempted to stay in and study, but I knew I couldn’t do that to myself. You have to have fun on Halloween. That’s a rule. I asked one of my guy friends to join me on my quest and, not knowing where the day might take us, we loaded up on Old Spice® (for him) so any potential odors wouldn’t deter us from completing the task at hand, just in case we found ourselves in any sweaty situations (i.e., running a marathon…) and hit campus to see what adventures were in store.
When a friend invited us to her Halloween party, we said YES. But we needed a costume, and we hadn’t had time to prepare. The lines at every costume store were insane, and I decided I didn’t have time to brave them if I wanted a decent costume. Walking home from class, I saw a girl in a Rosie the Riveter t-shirt. The universe gave me a hint and I said yes! Rosie the Riveter it was. This was maybe the easiest Halloween costume I’d ever done. A blue button-up, jeans, red bandana, bright red lip, and a fun retro bouffant and curls. Yes, please.
But I wasn’t ready to head out just yet. My friend who was along for my day of “yes” asked me to help him figure out a last-minute costume, so of course, I said yes. He was in the same predicament – he needed an easy costume, one that he could easily throw together based on what he already had in his closet. I walked into his room, saw the tube of Old Spice® he was using to protect himself during from earlier in the day, and I knew we were set. The Old Spice® man… perfect quick, easy costume. Hello, yes! All he needed was a towel, and of course, lots of Old Spice®, which he was already wearing. Voila. Success. I mean, he’s no Isaiah Mustafa, but it was Halloween. Use your imagination, people! And bonus points for the fact that my friend’s extra layers of Old Spice® probably kept him nice and fresh during the sweaty Halloween dance party.
So, with our makeshift (but awesome) costumes, we headed off to the party and danced the night away. Did I study as much as a should have? Probably not. But I don’t regret it a bit! Sometimes, you just need to say YES.
I  dare you to try it – for one day, say, “YES!” to everything that comes your way. I have a feeling you might want to try it more often. And don’t forget to check out ReadyU for all your college needs to help conquer beyond the classroom. How many items can you check off ReadyU’s Conquer This List?

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