Turkey Day Trim Down [CC’s ShapeU]

For Halloween, it was dressing up and partying as your favorite superhero or cute, sexy animal (“she’s a mouse…duh“). And for New Year’s Eve, it will be dressing up and partying as yourself in anticipation for the year 2013 (let’s hope we’re all still here after December 21st). Yes, as these holidays bring with them quintessential and time-honored traditions, so too does Thanksgiving, although this one could potentially do a number on your health-streak. See, no holiday screams ‘I’m-going-to-stuff-my-face-and-like-it’ quite like Thanksgiving, and with that in mind, ditch the guilt and spend a small portion – smaller than the side of sweet potato pie you’ll be devouring this time Thursday – of your Turkey Day getting sweaty with this cardio trim down!

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means suggesting that anyone should cut back on their Thanksgiving dinner, but after the first hour of eating, it’s safe to say that most of us will start to feel a little guilty and sluggish and full, but still ready for more! Why should Thanksgiving be an excuse not to work out? Not to mention the fact that you’ll probably want to recover by sweating out anything you may have consumed the night before (aka Thanksgiving Eve…ah, memories). So burn some calories and get super hot with this fat-burning workout!

Try setting aside some time for this quick and easy cardio workout while your guy friends play a game of touch football at your old high school stomping grounds – let’s hope this year’s game doesn’t end in a fight…or broken leg. It’s super easy, and will get you ready for left-overs!

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Fear not, lovers of sweet potatoes and stuffing alike…uphold the age-old tradition of eating gourmet meals provided by the local super market while watching football on your flat-screen; spend your Turkey Day honoring those Pilgrims and Native Americans while remaining free of guilt, and still on-track with your workout routine. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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