3 Great Outfits to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Dressing for Thanksgiving is always a tricky matter. On one hand, you want to look good enough that annoying Aunt Em doesn’t ask why you haven’t lost that Freshman 15 yet, but you also need to keep it real. You’ll be eating a buttload of turkey, stuffing and assorted pies, so comfy options are required for getting down with an overloaded plate of carbs.

Luckily, it’s absolutely possible to look put together while remaining comfortable. You wouldn’t want your ultra-skinny jeans preventing you from inhaling that extra helping of green bean casserole, right? (Even though it is technically a vegetable.) Here are three outfits that can work in a variety of Thanksgiving settings and are guaranteed to have you looking great…even if you catch a stray bit of mashed potatoes in your hair.

Warm and Cozy

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Getting Fancy With the Fam

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Heading to Warmer Climates

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[Lead image via Everett Collection/Shutterstock]

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