How to Keep Long-Term Relationships Exciting [He Said/She Said]

No matter what type of relationship you’re working with, maintaining one between two people is tough. It can hit roadblocks, it can get boring, it can break down. Relationships take work, whether they’re of the friends-with-benefits variety or a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it takes just that extra bit of effort to keep things fresh and both people happy. So what can you do?
When it comes to a serious relationship, date nights are the absolute best. Just making sure to have one special night per week when it’s just the two of you (doing something other than hanging out in sweatpants) is an easy and effective way to maintain a great relationship. Date nights make both people put in a little effort, making everyone feel more appreciated, like the relationship is a mutually rewarding thing. Date nights keep the passion intact and they remind you why you like each other. Basically, date nights are the sh*t. They’re awesome.
For serious relationships and FWBs, changing it up sexually is another surefire thing to keep stuff fresh and fun. Swap the regular missionary for girl on top. Look at the ridiculous sex positions on Cosmo and have fun trying them out – you’ll either have a mind-blowing experience or end up laughing together and having fun as a result. If you’re a little more on the experimental side, try role-playing or just acting out any fantasies you’ve always had. Any relationship is partly about learning more about each other, having fun and experiencing new things together.
Sometimes it’s worth taking risks and trying new things. Getting out of your comfort zone is always a good thing, and if you can do that with someone you like, it’s even better.

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