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Lindsay Lohan Needs A New Stylist [Candy Dish]


I am not one for ripping on a chica’s appearance, but Lindsay Lohan aye yie yie. At the Liz & Dick premiere – and maybe this is just the way the lighting reflects on that dress – she looked like a hot mess. That satin fabric is wont to showing all of its mistakes so you have to handle it with a delicate touch. You can see it puckering at each hem. (I watch a lot of Project Runway, guys.) Those beads dangling from each cut out, while her nice cha-chas deliberate as to whether or not they are going to explode out of those spaghetti straps – girl, you’ve got better sense than that. The trouble is, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t do classic America glamour well. She never has. She has always been a leggings, bulky shades, and baggy jackets kind of girl. Similar to Mary-Kate Olsen, but a little more L.A.. Get back to that LiLo, get back to basics, girl.

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