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Olivia Palermo is Cozy in Cream [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]


When every other celebrity fails to inspire me, I can always count on Olivia Palermo to rock an ensemble that I immediately fall in love with. Her style is so fresh, vibrant, sophisticated, and timeless – everything that I look for in a fashion role model. While normally I have no interest in celebrity clothing lines, I’m really hoping that the one she’s been talking about for two years eventually materializes (hopefully at an affordable price point), but in the interim, I’m totally cool with scouring the web for cheaper imitations of the amazing pieces we see her out and about in.

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Still a total sucker for liquid leggings, and I think they’re one of the few kinds of leggings that actually look good when worn in lieu of pants. Paired with a basic black shirt, this is a sleek and classic look. I love this lush cream colored sweater for layering, and bright indigo pumps add an eye-catching pop. What I appreciate about this is the perfect marriage of casual and dressy, so you could get away with a variation of this outfit at almost any occasion that doesn’t take place in a church or a traditional office. But this is a great, sassy ensemble for class, restaurants, bars, parties…basically anywhere you want to turn heads.

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