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Someone Thinks This Vegan Puke Is A Viable Turkey Replacement [Sugar Binge]


Jezebel provides a recipe for oven-baked vomit balls. Thankgiving isn’t a vegan holiday. Look, that’s OK. You can still have your weird lavish vegan dinner of shoes, tennis balls, and Post-It Notes or whatever it is you people eat. That’s totally cool. However, as long as you veggies keep trying to replicate TG dinner in your crazy vegan way you will continue to alienate us turkey lovers. Just make some veggie burgers and cous cous for Jebus’ sake.

A real vampire talks about drinking real blood. 

Rihanna has her 12th Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit. HOW IS SHE SO POPULAR? 

Jackson Rathbone (of Twilight fame) has a really dumb ketchup tattoo. Endearing or Redonkulous?

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