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3 Ways You Can Tell If He Likes You


Many women would agree, one of the scariest parts of the dating process happens before any actual dates. Take it from me, figuring out whether the guy even likes you or not can be a harrowing experience.

He held your hand, but he didn’t kiss you goodnight. He texted you that he had a great time, but didn’t ask for a follow up date. He says you’re basically amazing, but he hasn’t proposed yet. Wait…what? JKing with the last one, but come on. This is confusing stuff! Don’t you ever just wish someone would come along with all the answers to our burning insecurities?

While that probably won’t be happening any time soon (or ever), we do have three surefire ways you can tell if your current guy is into you.

[Lead image via Pressmaster/Shutterstock]